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  Explore our captivating collection of professionally crafted brow photos at The Sultry Bar. Witness the artistry and precision of our master brow artists in shaping natural, flawless brows. From delicate nano brow strokes to perfectly arched masterpieces, immerse yourself in a gallery showcasing the transformative power of our PMU (Permanent Makeup) brow services in Burnsville, Minnesota and Stillwater Minnesota. Elevate your beauty with brows that speak volumes – browse our portfolio now.


OMBRE / POWDER BROW: $600 For all skin types including oily and mature. Ideal for clients who prefer more defined/filled in results and a soft, powdery look.

​HYBRID/ COMBO BROW: $600 Shading is ideal for those with dry normal or combination skin. This is a gorgeous blend of hair stroke effect at the head of the brow that seamlessly transitions into a soft powder effect


Shading adds density and fullness and helps blend naturally uneven eyebrows.​

CORRECTIVE/PREVIOUS BROW WORK: $650 Any previous by another artist needs to be APPROVED PRIOR TO BOOKING to avoid forfeiting deposit. Contact Becca directly prior to scheduling for approval. Email: with clear images of brows. If your existing work is too saturated, dark, uneven, or discolored, removal may be necessary prior to reworking the brows. 


A $200 non-refundable deposit is required prior to booking any services. Deposit is applied towards total. You may reschedule once with 72 hours notice. Any cancelation or no shows forfeit deposit and a new deposit will be required to rebook.

Touch up:
This session is a separate fee and is required as part of the two part process. It is recommended you book your 6-12 week touch-up in advance if possible.


Anything booked beyond the 6-12 week time frame will be subject to a higher fee. The higher fee will be the cost of a 18-30 month touch up fee of $400. Minimum 72 hour notice is required for all rescheduling. Limit 1 reschedule per retainer fee a new fee would be required to book another appointment.

Brow Refresher (18-30 months) -$400

($200 non-refundable appointment retainer fee required upon booking)

Fading of permanent makeup is normal and expected. Many factors including skin type, sun exposure, and skin products can effect how your new brows will fade. Most clients need a refresher every 18-24 months to maintain results. A new service at full price is required after 30 months. Please allow your brows to fade by at least 50% prior to any touch ups. We must allow permanent makeup to fade out of the skin to keep the results looking natural long-term and to keep the integrity/health of the skin. If too much color is packed into the skin, results become blurry and the color can become distorted (blue, gray, etc).

Email 3 clear photos of your brows for review to: thesultrybar
1. front facing profile
2. right side 3/4 turn
3. left side 3/4 turn

Designated days/times are reserved for all returning clients that are not available to book online. Please include clear photos of your brows and desired adjustments so we are able to reserve the appropriate amount of time for your touch up.


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